Practical luxury. We’ve been in the cattle business for nearly 170 years, so we know a thing or two about leather, the western aesthetic, time-honored craftsmanship, and proven durability. Captain Richard King brought a vision to the inhospitable Wild Horse Desert, where opportunity is the mother of invention. The remote Santa Gertrudis brought the necessity to cultivate dry goods that would stand the test of time. We bring products with functionality and purpose that are built for this country. They earn the Running W brand every day. Whether you see the world from a custom saddle or the leather seats of a King Ranch Ford F-150, the view is comfortably different. So button up and saddle up, but don’t ever give up.

King Ranch Saddle Shop is the purveyor of iconic leather goods and practical clothing and accessories inspired by the legendary Captain Richard King. Our products define the western aesthetic, stem from only the finest, time-honored craftsmanship, and carry the Running W brand to demonstrate their proven durability and timeless appeal. The ranch’s headquarters along the Santa Gertrudis Creek has always been an oasis of sorts in the otherwise inhospitable Wild Horse Desert, and for over 170 years the King Ranch Saddle Shop has played an instrumental role in cultivating products and services that are built for this country. If you live an outdoor life, they’re built for you, too. So button up, saddle up, and ride like you mean it.