Flight’s at The Monarch Stag


The Monarch Stag

The first flight we offer at The Monarch Stag is called the Pappy Flight!

This flight offers three of the most distinct and exclusive whiskeys.
The first pour is an Old Ripe Van Winkle aged 10 years, which is then followed by the Van Winkle Lot B that has been aged 13 years. Lastly, on this flight, an exclusive Van Winkle Family Reserve 13 yr. Rye.

The Monarch Stag Flight showcases three hand picked whiskeys by our owner, Derek Simms. This flight highlight the Whitlepig Piggyback, Whistlepig 10 yr, & the Highest American Prairie.

The Monarch Stag


6655 Winning Drive
Suite 600
Frisco, Texas 75034
The Monarch Stag
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